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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Is Your Dream Job?

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"I was recently laid off from a small company where I served as the Web Developer / Web Designer of several websites. While this is my chosen field, I definitely did not grow up thinking 'I want to be a web master when I grow up,' and certainly didn't grow up thinking, 'I want to be a web mistress when I grow up.' Not only was there no internet to speak of at the time, the absurdity of the job titles would have DQ'd them instantly.

So as I work to get my own sites and resume together, I have been thinking: What would truly be my 'dream job.' First up, 'Furniture Maker & Service Dog Trainer.' This job combination truly fits the 'dream' category, as any realistic look at this as an option knocks it right off the potential job list. First and foremost, I have no furniture making skills. Am handy enough that if someone was in desperate need of a table, I could probably put one together. However, I'm not interested in being a lousy furniture maker. Second, I don't have the appropriate set up for even owning a dog let alone training a service dog. This doesn't get crossed off my 'maybe some day' list, but it certainly doesn't cut it as either a source of income or a practical short term objective..."

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